Pink House Farm


Pink House Farm — named in honour of its pink-toned brick and siding home — came with a large pond, plenty of cedar and deciduous forest, and a hayfield to rehabilitate. As far as gardens were concerned, it was a “blank canvas" with no flower or vegetable beds. So, as our new venture began in September 2009, our first order of business outdoors was to begin establishing garden beds.

That first fall at Pink House Farm, we broke ground to plant a small garlic bed, about four by six feet. It gave us a taste of what was to come, when digging in North Glengarry — Rocks, rocks, and more rocks! Nonetheless, our family's aspiration to start a small family farm was begun. In 2012, we began the season with approximately 4,000 square feet of garden space and a small flock of chickens. After a 2,000 square foot expansion, our small community supported agriculture (CSA) program was underway. In 2013 we are continuing to explore market garden models suitable for our small farm and will be selling boxes of vegetables on weekly basis.

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